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Protect your home and loved ones with a free home security system from Apex Direct London, your local ADT® dealer. Installing a home alarm could be the most important decision you make to help protect your family and home. Most burglars are opportunity offenders and they will avoid homes that are protected with a burglar alarm.

Apex Direct London installs both wireless and wired home security, secure your home with the protection of ADT® London home alarm monitoring.

FREE ADT® Home Security System in London , Ontario

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Protect your home, family and valuables with a monitored alarm including:

ADT 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

Apex Direct London is a local ADT® Authorized Dealer servicing London including all of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec since 2001. We have also been a proud CAA Affinity Partner for the past 6 years and a Better Business Bureau member with A+ Rating with over 10,000 security systems installed.

Your family's safety is important. Don't settle for anything less than the best home/business alarm service. We offer high quality alarms with second to none service. You can trust ADT® London monitoring services, the industry's top rated home security service provider.

Burglary and crime are a daily part of the news throughout Canada. Proactive London home and business owners turn to ADT® services to provide protection and peace of mind. ADT® is the largest security monitoring company in world and has been in the security business since 1874. ADT® London 80% of the fortune 1000 businesses in North America and over 800,000 homes in Canada. (ADT's monitoring center agents go through a comprehensive training program before being certified by ADT® and are independently recognized as the best critical systems support providers in the industry).

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All Around Protection from ADT

Will your alarm help protect you from all life safety emergencies? ADT London Trained Professionals focus on helping protect your home and family with immediate medical, fire and burglary alarm response. Our home alarm system is more affordable than ever. Installing a wireless alarm is hassle-free.

ADT Security System Expandability

If your needs change or if you remodel/finish new areas of your home can you add to your security system? Make sure your home alarm can grow with your future changes and needs. Home security systems that support wireless devices and have multiple zones will allow for future expansion.

ADT Vigilant. Responsive. ADT, Always there

Your ADT monitored security system is connected to ADT's Customer Monitoring Centers. ADT London monitors your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our monitored smoke detectors and medical emergency services utilize "Always On" devices even when your burglar alarm is not armed. When an alarm is triggered,ADT can alert the police, fire department or an ambulance even if you’re not home.


The benefits are numerous, almost endless, but let's look at some of the things our customers are enjoying most about ADT Pulse. The first is the ability to check the status of your ADT Pulse home security system remotely from your smart phone or computer with Internet connection. After checking whether your security system is armed or disarmed, you also have the ability to remotely ARM or DISARM your security system.

Another benefit of ADT Pulse is text and email notification of emergency alarm events. Whether your home alarm is going off due to a burglary, medical emergency or fire (with a monitored smoke detector installed) you will get a text or email notification depending upon how you set up your ADT Pulse home security system.

You can also get remote notification of device events. An example of a device notification is having a motion sensor in a restricted area like your master bedroom. Program your Pulse system to notify you via text anytime someone enters your master bedroom between the hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Keep your children and their friends out of your master bedroom when you are not home.

For more information on how the ADT Pulse Home Security System works call 1-888-496-9488

Help secure your home with the protection of ADT® home alarm monitoring.

ADT NEWS – Cellular Security Systems

The term "cellular security system” is becoming more popular. Most often it refers to a security system that uses cellular communication to communicate to the ADT monitoring center. Wireless security systems have a GSM Cellular unit built into the control keypad and hard wired system have an external GSM cellular security device. Eighty percent of our customers are getting a security system installed with cellular communication as the primary means of communicating to the ADT central monitoring station.

You can add cellular as a backup and have your security system use your home phone as the primary means of communicating. This is necessary on some security system installations for two-way voice security monitoring to work. Our wireless security system can do two-way voice audio verification over cellular communication but our hard wired security system needs a standard phone to have two-way voice. You can then add a cellular unit as a backup to protect you from burglars cutting the phone lines on the side of your home and disabling your security system from sending emergency signals to the central monitoring station.

What are the advantages of cellular security systems?