“I’m very pleased with the system. The tech was quick and clean with the installation, and we had clear communication about where to place the sensors. He was also patient when explaining the system and how easy it is to use. Your fees are very reasonable, considering the feeling of safety and piece of mind knowing my property is secure. I’m almost excited about expanding my system once I build my shop.
A happy customer,”

– Mark, Brantford Ont.

“So far the service has been excellent and I am fully confident that my home is fully protected”

– Krishna, Mississauga, Ont.

“I was so happy with your rapid response all the time. The man who came was also very good. He explained everything. Our family is very happy for your good service. Thanks a lot.”

– Myat family, Mississauga, Ont

“I am a brand new client of ADT (Apex direct) through my membership with CAA. I was intrigued to try this new avenue and the opportunity to “put my many years of being a CAA member” to further use. I had an alarm system installed into my home in July, through the above representing network and am very happy with my experience to date. There were a few little drawbacks at first due to our request for a second keypad and it wasn’t long before the situation was ironed out. I have to say that my experience working with Scott Huxley as a representative of your company was second to none. He was quick to respond to my questions and maintained the highest of customer service levels (and patience) at all times. In fact, I believe that he even conducted some of his responses during his time off from the office.

I am Manager for a large company in Edmonton, and this type of employee dedication is very hard to come by. Thank you Scott, for your assistance in getting us on board and keep up the excellent service!


Signed…another very happy customer…”

– Joanne, Edmonton, AB

“We are very happy to have the alarm system along with the fire detection system. The installer was very polite and explained everything about the operation to us. Actually arming the system is very easy and using the remotes make it even easier. I was away for a few days and my wife feels quite safe by setting the alarm before bed.

We have had the occasion to talk to ADT when we were leaving for a month or so and they were extremely helpful.

All in all it was a very good and comforting investment.”

– Edward & Anita, Thomasburg, Ont.

“I would say that the sales person from Apex Direct was very professional (w/Integrity) and takes care of his customers. He meant what he said and did what he said. He got back to me right away with an explanation of all that was included in the system. Answered all my question’s promptly.

I am sorry to say that the other three companies had terrible customer service and the sales people lacked integrity completely. I like customer service and it represent’s the company they work for. We as consumers are not lacking in knowledge anymore with all the information at our finger tips. Sales people need to pay attention to this. We can do our homework before hand. Anyway, the installer was very efficient and knew what he was doing, as far as I could see. He made sure I was comfortable in knowing how to work the system before he left. He answered any questions I had. He didn’t leave a mess anywhere. I had a call from ADT within a day or two to set some of the details up and in place. Overall a 10, so far. It worked fine when I tested it by mistake one day”

– Jim, London, Ont.

“Thank you very much for helping us set up the ADT home security system. The installation was very fast and we are very happy with ADT service. We have recommend your service to several friends, hopefully they will get in touch with you soon too.”

– Lili, Kanata, Ont.

“Scott from Apex Direct was professional, competent, fast, responsible and clear. He gave me an excellent offer. He dealt immediately with a problem of my getting a credit due to me. The service from Apex Direct was fabulous.”

– Jag, Toronto, Ont.

“The service was very professional and took there time to make sure everything was done properly. The price was great at least 1/3 of the cost of the same system in Florida. I was very impressed with the service and the speedy return calls when I had questions. A big thank you for giving us the confidence when traveling.”

– Enid, Waterdown, Ont.

“I was very happy with our experience dealing with Scott and Apex Direct. Scott was very responsive and knowledgeable and the ADT system we had installed came as advertised. After much research, Apex Direct offered the best deal for the type of security system that we were looking for. The installers arrived on time and were very professional. Overall, I would not hesitate to refer a friend or family member to Scott and Apex Direct. ”


– Tom, Ottawa, Ont.

“Just want to say “Thank you” for our recent installation of our home security system. We just arrived home from a week long camping trip which was relaxing for the simple reason that our home was monitored while we were away. We travel often and always worry that our home will be broken into or a fire will start. Now we have peace of mind that our home is secured from break-ins and monitored for fire. There is no price for peace of mind with your home and belongs. Thank you ADT for giving us this gift. Thank you Scott for your assistance and support during our decision, you made our decision easy with your great customer service. Our home installer Yamin was informative and offered great customer service as well. Our mother has decided to choose ADT home security system and would like to have one installed in her home because of our happy reviews. ”

– Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Niagara Falls, Ont.