Fire Facts


Fire authorities say you may have as little as 1 to 2 minutes to escape a burning home. When you hear the smoke alarm, go to the door of your bedroom and feel the door with the back of your hand. If it’s hot don’t open it, use your secondary method of escape.If you come across smoke on your way out, turn back and use your secondary method of escape.
If there are no other options, remember to crawl low under the smoke.
• 88% of Canadian’s believe smoke alarms are important to life safety.
• The NFPA estimates that ¼ of all smoke alarms installed in homes
are inoperative.
• 74% of all fire related deaths occur in residential property fires.All stats comes from Statistics CanadaSMOKE FROM FIRE KILLS:Fire victims typically succumb to smoke inhalation before flames reach them. More fire deaths occur when people are sleeping. Many people falsely believe that they would awaken during a fire, but toxic gases actually put people into a deeper sleep.

Remember, if you have small children, make sure you close their door at night to keep smoke out.

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Fire Facts
Video courtesy of the Fire Marshall of Ontario website


Follow these important steps to keep your family safe:

1.Draw a floor plan of your home showing all possible exits from each room.
2.When possible, plan a main exit route and alternative exit route from each room.
3.Practice your escape plan at least once a month by rehearsing the steps with your family, in the night time as well as day. This will greatly increase your chances of a safe escape. Make sure all family members participate.
4.Decide on a meeting place outside your home. In case of fire go to the meeting place, that way all family members are accounted for.
5.Install smoke detectors on each floor of your home and test the batteries monthly.
6.Make sure that if the smoke alarm is activated or someone is shouting “FIRE” that everyone immediately exit the home.
7.Meet the fire fighters when they arrive and explain the situation.
8. GET OUT, STAY OUT. Do not go back into a burning home for any reason.
9.Leave it up to the professionals, do not attempt to fight the fire. Fire fighters are properly equipped and trained to handle the situation.